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Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

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Do you believe that Beauty and Style is Timeless  ? 

 Unlock Your Timeless Beauty: Embrace Vibrant Hair at Any Age!


Forget the myth that bold, vibrant hair is only for the young. I completely dismiss that notion.

No matter your age, it's time to embrace your personal style and tap into your timeless beauty.

Whether you need gray coverage or blending, want bright highlights, or bold pops of pink - I'm here for you.

Choosing a hairstyle should be based on the health of your hair, your lifestyle, and how it makes you feel - not your age.

Ready to work with someone who will empower you to create beautiful, healthy hair without conforming to society's expectations?

Personally, I believe the most beautiful look you can have is the one you've been dreaming of, not what society expects. Let's redefine beauty together.


 Guest Experiences

Hair Cut Or Treatment Included With blow Dry Style -

Red Hair Woman

Tint Touch Up

This session is perfect for gray coverage or a root touchup. Without any foil work. Haircut or luxury hair treatment included 1 1/2 hour investment $120 suggested maintenance 3-8

Woman Facing Away

Tint touch up+ Highlight

Perfect if you need your grays covered and also would like to add a few pops of dimension throughout the top and the sides of your head .Base color plus highlights haircut or luxury hair treatment 2 1/2 hour investment $160.

Suggested maintenance 8 to 14 weeks .   

Woman's Hands with Jewelry

Full Color+ Specialty Bleach Work

This is when you need the works. Full highlights and color or vivids. It's perfect if you're looking to create as much brightness as possible for your hair type in a session, sometimes referred to as a full highlight. If it's your first time getting highlights or it's been six months or more since your last color or Blonding service.  starting at $230 3-31/2 hour

Woman by the Water

Full Color Treatment

 This session is for all over color + gloss and cut or luxury treatment $135

Indie Fashion Photoshoot


Session is perfect if you need to highlight the crown and sides but you do not need the back or underneath brightened up just yet. Sometimes it's referred to as a partial highlight. Highlight and Gloss plus a haircut luxury treatment. 2 hours investment $130

Suggested maintenance 8 to 14 weeks. 

Moon Dust Plant Powerd Hair Care



“Trista does a great job! I was lucky enough to find her through my sister-in-law when I moved out here. She is detailed, professional, and I love the outcome! I will always refer her. ” 

—  M Peckman., Guest

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